The Story old mixers at estate sales to fix up. He would then completely disassemble them, repair them, repaint them, and then sell them on Ebay.

Dan was going to so many estate sales, he became friends with many of the companies in the Memphis, TN area along with the people always standing in line. He began talking to them about having a site where they could list the items for sale and even have pictures so people could see what was at the sale. That way the people standing in line would know which sale they wanted to go to first. Once he had enough interest, he created was a local hit. People loved being able to see a large description of a sale along with pictures compared to the few sentences they would get from the local newspaper. During Christmas of 2001, Dan spoke with his son, Micky, about going nationwide. It was during this time that the idea came about.

Vintage Software. This was because they had other great web sites in mind and wanted to have one main company to list them under.

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